WHO: Epitomes.
FROM: Huskisson, NSW, Australia.
FIRST TIME: I think it was the North Nowra Community Centre in the middle of 2008.
TENTH TIME: Nowra School of Arts in 2009 (if I’m not mistaken).

It may have been merely the luck of the draw that I got to see Epitomes as many times as I did. The band featured on many local bills, and I frequented all of them. For most of my later teens, I did everything within my power to make a local live music scene happen. One by one, places fell through or refused to put on more shows. One by one, we found more places. You should have seen some of the places we ended up – bingo halls, canteens, drama recital halls. It was very much a make-do sort of situation.

Anyway, at the centre of this story is Epitomes, who were a skramz/post-hardcore band from a little further down south from me. I think the reason I connected with them so much was just how different both they and I were to the scene around them. They were the emotive hardcore band surrounded by tough-guys with neck tattoos and drop-C guitars. I was the normie Catholic School kid with Asperger’s who liked music outside of hardcore or punk. People didn’t like that – I once, honest-to-God, got a MySpace message from someone I had never met telling me to stay away from “our” shows and to “stick to Death Cab for Cutie.” I wish I still had MySpace so I could show you.

So, I connected with Epitomes – we were the outsiders that had found their way in; and it’s something I’ll always appreciate. One thing I used to do to fuck with people at these shows was perform interpretive dance to Epitomes’ song “Lies.” It was a reaction to not only being the different one at the show, but also a reaction to the mean-spirited and aggressive hardcore dancing of a lot of the patrons. It earned me the nickname Interpretive Dave, only if for a moment in time. Someone from Shinto Katana filmed it once, but I think that’s lost to the depth of YouTube.

So, where are they now? Vance the singer moved to Melbourne, then to Brisbane. No idea where he is now. I’m 95% certain he absolutely hated me, anyway. Cameron the guitarist moved on to two bands that I love, mowgli and Yetis. Brad the bassist is in Melbourne and plays in a wicked band called Up and Atom; who I’ve sadly never seen. Joel the drummer moved to Sydney, came out and played in heavy bands like Zita Grimm and ACHE. The dream of South Coast Hardcore (SCHC) may be long dead, but I’ll always have the memories.

– DJY, June 2014

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