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WHO: Fishing.
FROM: Sydney, NSW, Australia.
FIRST TIME: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney; October 27, 2010.
TENTH TIME: FBi SMACs @ Carriageworks, Sydney; January 10, 2016.

It’s funny that the very same night that I saw Alpine for the first time, I also happened to see Fishing in action. They weren’t advertised prior to the show, so I literally walked in on the two hunched over their gear and getting lost in the glitchy, groovy sounds of their early material. I was enthralled – not just because the music was clever and exciting, but the fact that they were pulling it all off in the moment and doing it live.

They looked familiar, and that ended up being because I had seen them one year before – the two played in an indie-pop band called We Say Bamboulee, which was a world removed from what they were doing as Fishing. I think that says a lot about the kind of musicians and composers that Doug (the short one) and Russell (the tall one) are. They’ve evolved Fishing a lot between then and their triumphant comeback at the FBi SMACs festival – there, they raved unto the joy fantastic with easily the best set of the day. The sound of Fishing now draws a lot more from house and trance rather than boom-bap and the twitchy, video game-esque I came to know them for. Then again, they’ve always done things their way – they were also briefly a part of the Naughty Rappers Collective, a satirical rap crew who had such classics as “The Golden Fang” and “Do The Turt.”

One thing I’ll always remember about seeing Fishing live in the ten (and counting!) times that I have, no matter what kind of show they were playing, is something that happens at the end of every song. Doug will look up from his equipment, gaze out into the audience, and he’ll smile. He’ll smile the biggest smile he can muster. It’s part pride and, seemingly, part incredulity that so many people are enjoying what Fishing are laying down. I always leave Fishing shows with that very same smile.

– DJY, August 2016


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