545940_10201109268308019_1773190229_n[1] So, who are you?

I’m David James Young.

James is my middle name. I don’t have two last names. One first, one middle, one last. That’s it. I use my full name to differentiate myself from the other David Youngs.

577878_4381052878661_1060993495_n[1]Myself and John C. Reilly. He’s delightful.

Right. Well, what do you do exactly?

Excellent question, compadre. I ask myself the exact same thing sometimes.

I do the following things:

– Write (evidently): feature articles, concert reviews, albums reviews, news pieces
Attend concerts (a LOT)
– Attend comedy nights
– Attend movie screenings
– Play drums
– Play guitar
– Sing
– Write and record songs
Host and edit podcasts
– Blog
– Run rampant on social media
– Watch far too much TV
– Watch far too much professional wrestling
– Campaign, petition and annoy for human rights, particularly LGBTI rights

Professionally, I’m a freelancer. I’m an independent Australian writer with some stuff to fill my days.

10169170_10202430586900158_8947121006504315693_n[1]Myself and actor/musician Adrian Edmonson. We’re both odd creatures in our fields.

Like what?

Well, you may have seen my work in/on:

Blunt Magazine (AUS)
the BRAG (Sydney)
Beat Magazine (Melbourne)
X-Press Magazine (R.I.P)
FasterLouder (AUS)
SameSame (AUS)
the [AU] Review (AUS)
Hysteria Magazine (AUS)
Scenestr Magazine (Brisbane)
Mixdown Magazine (AUS)
Groupie Magazine (AUS)
Digital Journal (USA)
Music Feeds (AUS)

Or even my own blog, Yes, We’ve Got a Video!, which ran from 2010 to 2014 (miss you!).

I’ve had the chance to interview some of the biggest names in music from all over the world, including Alice CooperFoo Fighters Iron MaidenGeorge Clinton, MacklemoreGerard WayJudas Priest, Noel Gallagher“Weird Al” Yankovic, IncubusFall Out Boy, Charli XCXDe La SoulDavid GrayFaith No More and Cypress Hill.

In 2011, some of my work was featured in the Heath Media book Australia’s Year in Music 2010. I’ve also worked in community radio and have been a featured guest on triple j‘s Hack program.

It’s mostly been music-related, but in my time I’ve written about a stack of different things. I’m all about the arts – I’ve been involved with theatre and stand-up, as well as being a musician myself. Anywhere there’s creativity and expression, you’ll find me. Well, probably. I can’t be everywhere at once.

32193_1372268700937_6717742_n[1]On the job at Come Together festival 2010.

So, for those of us who’ve just scrolled to the end, sum it up nice and easy like.

(Sigh) Fine.

I’m a journalist. I’m a writer. I’m a blogger. I’m a critic. I’m the pop culture junkie that got told to go to rehab and said “No, no, no.” I’m a musician. I’m a freelancer. I’m a bitch. I’m a lover.

I’m David James Young.

And David James Young writes.