WHO: Alpine.
FROM: Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
FIRST TIME: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney; October 22nd, 2010.
TENTH TIME: Laneway Festival, Sydney; February 2, 2013.

I had never seen anything quite like Alpine when I first lay eyes on them back in my first few weeks as a twenty-year-old. I haven’t seen much like them since. Often imitated, never duplicated. I was drawn to their undeniable stage presence, their energy and the precision with which they attacked their music.

I’ve seen them go from a small gathering during a support slot to playing festivals with punters as far as the eye can see. I obviously had nothing to do with it, but you’ll find me through every stage. It’s the same with a lot of the acts that ended up in the TTC – I enter stage right at an early, opportune time; and there I stay. This band is always such a joy to be around – they’re one of the few bands who went out of their way to thank me for coming to see them early on. You don’t forget things like that. I’ve come to know them all fairly well and can only speak the highest praises of them. As long as they continue to deliver their particular brand of indie-pop, I’ll make a point of staying on board.

– DJY, April 2014

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